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Rock HFQ6S Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

1.Battery Life: 3-4 Hours
2.Radio: Yes
3.Loudspeaker Accommodation Mode: Button
4.Interface Type:USB



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Product Is Equipped With Foam Wrap, Transport Safer. Wireless Bluetooth Transmission, To Solve The Problem Caused By The Usual Long Wire Short Wires! Wireless, Where You Want To Put On Where. Easy To Carry. Can Answer The Phone, Using Bluetooth To Connect The Phone, The Speaker With A Microphone, You Can Easily Use, Zero Radiation, Good For The Body. Can Be Inserted U Disk / TF Card (Mobile Phone Memory Card) Play MP3 Music Songs. Appearance ABS Plastic Rubber Oil Or UV Paint Perfect Casting, Texture Extraordinary, Fashion Trends. Support All Bluetooth Mobiles.


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